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Ball Levitation with the Power of Your Mind

When you see videos of levitation, you’re seeing either an illusion or a trick of technology. In both cases, there are rational explanations for what is happening. This case is no exception. The ball in the video is levitating on a column of air that is being emitted from a fan that is being controlled […]

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Alien Coins

Recently I got involved in an argument with several UFOlogists. I’ll make a long story short and jump immediately to discussing one of their pieces of evidence. Presented as evidence was a video found online that showed a bunch of lights slowing moving overhead and the claim was that the lights were UFOs being piloted […]

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Magic Farts

Many of you are probably thinking “magic farts?” But I’m serious, farting has some strange powers when used correctly. Wait, don’t go – give me a chance and I’ll tell you about a great discovery I’ve made, how it has helped me, and how you too can use the power of farting, to your advantage. […]

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