The Wormhole Test

The “Wormhole Test” is a puzzle/riddle that I first published here in 2011. It was inspired by “Cooijmans Online Intelligence Test“. I was not aware of Notpron at the time, but I would say it has some similarity to that puzzle as well.

At the time I offered $100 to the first person to solve the test. That prize was won by David Smith on April 7, 2011.

Due to occasional demand, I have decided to bring the Wormhole Test back. Below is the original introduction. (Note: The puzzle has nothing to do with the Stargate franchise and my reference to it in the introduction is not a hint in any way. I was just really into that television show at the time)


The stargate is an alien transportation device that creates a wormhole, the ends which are a great distance apart. When activated, a bluish event horizon appears (at least according to one of my favorite television shows). If you step through the Stargate you will be transported to the other end of the wormhole almost instantaneously.

This wormhole is a bit different. You will not be instantaneously transported to the other end. In order to pass the Wormhole Test you must prepare your mind and body for a treacherous journey. You will at times be plagued with doubts but all you need to remember is that it is quite logical.

Man has long desired to be immortalized by matching wits with nature and surviving. To prove yourself worthy you must only step through the event horizon and successfully navigate the wormhole. It is only by demonstrating knowledge, perseverance, creativity, abstract thinking ability, pattern recognition ability, and reasoning ability that you will survive the trip through the wormhole. Good luck!

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