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In my spare time, I enjoy whiling away the hours with a variety of puzzles. By doing this, I have learned a lot about logic, epistemology, and my own mind. Following are some of my puzzling achievements:

I also enjoy designing puzzles and have designed puzzles for the internationally-read The Pinecraft Pauper. Below is a selection of my puzzles:

Many of the following links require Adobe Reader. If your computer does not have it, you may download it here.

Puzzles Published Elsewhere

Pinecraft Pauper Season 1 | Answers
Pinecraft Pauper Season 2 | Answers

Verbal Puzzles:

Strange Sentences
Hekaton Riddle Test | Answers
Missing Fronts | Answers
Easy Analogies Crossword | Answers
Connected Words | Answers

Mathematical Puzzles:


Mathematical Progressions Test


Circles and Squares
Circle-less Area | Answer
Ring of Circles | Answer
Concentric Circles
Double Ring of Circles | Answer
String of Rotating Circles | Answer
Two Circles in a Square | Answer
Tetrahedral Blocks | Answer
Sphere in a Pentagonal Pyramid | Answer
Two Speres in a Cube | Answer

Higher Mathematics:

Fractal Tree | Answer
Infinite Squares

Strange Puzzles:

The Wormhole Test
The Sound of Logic

Other Puzzle Designers

If you enjoy my puzzles check out these guys as well:

Paul Cooijmans
Mislav Predavec
Ivan Ivec
Paul Laurent Miranda
Ronald Hoeflin
Laurent Dubois
Hindemburg Mel√£o Jr.

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