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I am currently a graduate student at Michigan State University where I am working in lattice field theory. This page contains some of the class notes I took as an undergraduate at Florida State University where I majored in physics and applied/computational mathematics. I am still occasionally updating these notes. Feel free to download, print, and use my class notes.


Click on the images for my undergrad physics class notes (large PDFs).






Computational Physics: Software Notes (e.g. LaTeX, Python, Fortran, etc.)



General Chemistry I and II (CHM 1045, CHM 1046)


Trigonometry (MAC 1114)

Pre-calculus Algebra (MAC 1140)

Calculus I, II, and III (MAC 2311, MAC 2312, MAC 2313)

Applied Linear Algebra (MAS 3105)

Mathematical Modeling (MAP 4103)

Introductory Math Statistics I (STA 4321)

Partial Differential Equations I (MAP 4341)

Complex Variables (MAA 4402)

Numerical Analysis / Comp. Physics (MAD 3703, MAD 4704, PHZ 4151)

Real Analysis (MAA 4224)

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