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Donate Your old Computer to Science

Do you have an old computer lying around that doesn’t work or that you never use? Don’t throw it away! Donate your old and unused computers to science! All you have to do is find your friendly (more likely unsociable) neighborhood nerd, hand him or her the computer, and say, “It’s all yours”. You’d be […]

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Dell Inspiron 1545, Time of Day Clock Stopped Error, Replacing Clock Battery

Recently a friend’s laptop stopped working. The screen would go black and display only the message; “Time-of-day clock stopped”. The error occurred before the start-up sequence reached the boot options. After some research I discovered that it’s actually a common problem for the Dell Inspiron. I also learned that a little coin cell battery needs […]

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The Pinecraft Pauper

The Pinecraft Pauper is the first community publication that serves the Pinecraft Amish and Mennonite community of Sarasota, Florida. The “Pauper” is an assortment of interesting content ranging from human interest articles and local events, to poetry reviews and puzzles. The creator of this unique (and now quite popular) publication is a local writer by […]

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